How to Plan a Trip to China, Step-by-Step

1. Why to Visit China

You should be excited about visiting China: it’s very different to Western countries.

There are new sights, unique natural landscapes, exotic Eastern cultures and customs, giant pandas, various Chinese foods, kung fu, a unique tonal and pictographic language spoken by one fifth of the world’s population, and many other fantastic things for you to explore.

2. When to Go

Best Times to Visit

China is a vast country, and only the less-remote areas are suitable for a tour all year round.

A lot will depend on what sort of weather you want or can tolerate. The comfortable seasons in major tourist destinations are fall (September and October) and spring (April and May), during which you just need to wear light clothes, maybe with a light jacket.

Pay Attention to China’s National Holidays

It is recommended to avoid the major Chinese public holidays, unless you want to join in some celebrations. These major holidays are: Chinese New Year (February 16, 2018), Labor Day (May 1st to 3rd) and National Day (October 1st to 7th). Thousands of Chinese people head home or travel around. The transport is terrible, while the price of hotels can go up by double, or more.

3. Where to Go

China, full of stunning sights, rich cultures, and mysterious places, is a large country with an extensive range of tour options. There are lots of wonderful places to see and things to do.

  • China Maps, Maps of Cities in China

Where to Go?

Like Elegant Water Town? Go To:

  • Shanghai — Tongli Water Town, Nanxun Water Town, Zhujiajiao Water Town…

If You Are a Fan of History, We Recommend:

  • Beijing — the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tian’anmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, the hutongs…
  • Xi’an — the Terracotta Army, biking along the Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda…

Love Dream-Like Karst Landscapes? Go To:

  • Guilin – the Li River cruises, West Street, Reed Flute Cave, Longji’s Terraced Fields…

Giant Panda and Natural Resorts Lovers? Don’t Miss:

  •  Chengdu — Giant pandas, How to Plan a Panda Tour, Xiling Ski Resort, Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha…

Hike in Famous Mountain Areas and Visit Ancient Towns:

  • Huangshan — Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village…
  • Zhangjiajie — The World’s Longest Glass Bridge, Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve…

Explore the Minority Cultures:

  • Tibet — Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Mount Everest
  • Guizhou  Kaili, Southeast Guizhou, Qianxinan
  • Yunnan  Kunming, LijiangDali

Or Experience the Combination of Eastern and Western Cultures In:

  • Shanghai — The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Disneyland Resort in Shanghai, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town(famous water town)…
  • Hong Kong — Victoria Harbor, Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Recommended Places for Your Second Tour in China

Qinghai, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia are more difficult to reach. If your time is limited, they are not recommended for your first trip to China, due to extra inconveniences and more basic conditions. You can explore these areas in more depth when you visit China again.